Tank Pro open wardrobes

open / organised / original

Tank PRO is the perfect solution for people who love order yet enjoy design and beauty. The Tank PRO system consists of aluminium stanchions with attached shelves and/or modules containing drawers, baskets, hanging rails or other hardware. All Tank PRO shelves and modules are supported by strong, minimalist aluminium stanchions. The layout of the modules and shelves can be chosen by each customer. Through this, a unique result is assured. As the whole solution is open, it is an invitation to keep things tidy. Your wardrobe may very well be the largest piece of furniture in the room, so it has to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

The Tank PRO shelf system is especially suitable for open hallways and modern, spacious dressing rooms or bedrooms where shelving systems are not hidden behind sliding doors. In addition, traditional cabinets/shelves in living rooms, children’s rooms, household rooms or home offices can also be replaced with Tank PRO.

Maximum dimensions of Tank PRO:

  • System depth: 550 mm.
  • Max. system height: 2,196 mm or 2,520 mm for wall attachment; 2,850 mm for ceiling attachment.

Finishes and accessories


Choice of materials

The Tank PRO can be made from a variety of materials such as melamine, veneers and coloured MDF boards, which can all be combined to create a custom solution. Visit your nearest Tank showroom and learn more about the materials!


Coloured MDF

We offer coloured MDF in a variety of colours based on the colour chart. There are two finishes: semi-matte and high gloss.

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