Custom furniture solutions

personal / creative / unique

The product range of Tank is well thought out and versatile because we have taken our customers’ great ideas and creative minds into account.

With Tank’s custom solutions, you can enjoy your furniture solutions knowing that you have contributed to creating them.

Custom solutions give you the opportunity to create your own personal furniture solution from the components provided by Tank.

Finishes and accessories



Custom solutions can be made from a variety of materials such as melamine, veneers and coloured MDF boards as well as mirrors and glass, which can all be combined to create a custom solution. Visit your nearest Tank showroom and learn more about the materials!


Back-painted glass

We offer back-painted glass in a variety of colours based on the Ral Classic colour chart.

Coloured MDF

We offer coloured MDF in a variety of colours based on the colour chart. There are two finishes: semi-matte and high gloss.

LED lighting solutions

LED lighting solutions can be integrated into the Tank wardrobe system – in this way, the light elements are discreet and virtually unnoticeable until they are needed. The lighting inside the wardrobe is helpful when choosing outfits or organising the wardrobe.

The intensity of the Tank LED lights can be adjusted – you can create a dim and cosy or a bright and lively atmosphere. The lighting can be controlled via a wireless remote, wall switch or fully automatic motion sensor.

The furniture hardware selection of Tank includes a variety of practical and smart LED lighting solutions.



More space for living

The best selection of storage and wardrobe solutions in Estonia

We strive to make the living and working rooms of our customers comfortable and functional. We achieve this with smart product solutions and professional and personal customer service. Visit your nearest showroom and find out more about our solutions!

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Tank Indoor showrooms

In our Tank Indoor showrooms, customers can learn more about the most up-to-date materials and solutions. The showroom features a range of different storage and door solutions, including more minimalist and practical ones as well as more exclusive custom solutions.

Our sales consultants are always nearby and ready to provide their expert advice for any questions you may have.