Most of our days begin with waking up in the bedroom. This is also where we end our day.

It is important to have positive emotions when waking up and to go to sleep in a pleasant atmosphere. When planning a bedroom wardrobe, functionality, pleasant looks and privacy should be kept in mind. The wardrobe solution must be handy and comfortable, it must look stylish and fit in with the rest of the interior, and it should keep the contents of the wardrobe from unwanted eyes. Aside from those, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing furniture for your bedroom. A well-planned wardrobe will keep you happy and will remain easy to use for a long time.

When planning the solution for your bedroom, it would be a good idea to consider your partner as well. Tank’s product assortment has various solutions that enable silent movement of doors and other fittings. The ‘smart door’ function lets you close sliding doors softly and quietly, while being also safe, as it is impossible to let the door catch your finger. We also offer a soft closing system for drawers.

In order to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom, it is important to match the colours of furniture items and walls. The rest of the interior should be considered as well (including the floor, carpet, wallpaper, curtains). An inconspicuous wardrobe solution could be preferable, or a more exclusive one to please the eye. Depending on personal preferences, a module wardrobe with level hinged doors can be used, a wardrobe with mirror sliding doors, or an airy and open Tank PRO shelf system.


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