Children’s room

For a child, his or her room is the place where he or she feels safe and finds inspiration

When at home, children spend most of their time in their room. Flexibility is needed when planning furniture for the children’s room, as the child will grow and his or her needs and interests will change. A solution is usually not planned for a year or two, but rather for at least three or four years, maybe more.

Tank’s module wardrobes are a perfectly suitable solution for the children’s room, as there are special content solutions for children available among the modules, which are comfortable and easy to use for the little ones. As the child grows, the module wardrobe can be altered, tuning the content solution according to the age of the user.

Besides the functional side, the visual impact should also be kept in mind, by planning colour combinations and materials with a few years in mind. Depending on the character of the child, the furniture in his or her room can be simple, light and inconspicuous, or bright and colourful.

The furniture solution is planned according to the requirements of ergonomics, so that ease of use and functionality are maintained. The child’s height should definitely be kept in mind so that he or she can easily reach the necessary clothes and other things. The right place is found for each item, from clothes to toys.

Children’s safety is also an important issue, especially in the case of smaller children. Tank offers a ‘smart door’ solution with its doors, eliminating the possibility of a child’s fingers getting caught between the sliding door and the wall.

Starting from approximately the age of 10, a child will want to have a say in what his or her room looks like. Planning should be done with the child, as he or she is sure to have great ideas and know exactly which kind of room he or she would feel most comfortable in.

Teenagers are almost like grownups; they require some privacy to feel good. This should also be kept in mind when planning the wardrobe. When the child is approaching the teenage years, it should be kept in mind that the child should not outgrow the room – it is advisable to avoid too childish colours and solutions aimed at toddlers.

A child does not require posh and expensive furniture in his or her room; he or she simply wants a pleasant and inspiring interior.


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