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Tank PRO

open / organised / original

Tank PRO is the perfect solution for one who loves order and enjoys design and beauty. The Tank PRO system is made up of aluminium posts with shelves and/or content modules containing drawers, baskets, hanging bars or other fittings. All Tank PRO shelves and modules rest on strong, minimalist aluminium posts. Customers can decide on the layout of modules and shelves themselves so the result can be truly unique. As the whole solution is open, this is an invitation to keep things tidy. Your wardrobe may well be the largest piece of furniture in the room, so it has to be pleasant as well as functional.

The Tank PRO shelf system is especially suitable for open hallways and modern, spacious dressing rooms or bedrooms where shelf systems are not hidden behind sliding doors. Also, traditional wardrobes/shelves can be replaced by Tank PRO in living rooms, children's rooms, household rooms or home offices.

Take a closer look at the Tank PRO system modules HERE.

Read more about the choice of materials for Tank PRO HERE.

Dimensional limits of Tank PRO:

  • System depth: 550 mm.

  • Max system height: 2176 mm for wall attachment; 2500 mm for ceiling attachment.

  • A shelf of the system may be up to 1200 mm wide; the width of content modules may be up to 822 mm.

Walk-in Wardrobe
Living Room
Children's Room

Showrooms and shops