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Sliding doors

spacious / play of light / balance

Sliding doors are ideal for almost all rooms, as they offer the chance to keep the contents of a cupboard or a wardrobe hidden and to organise space. Not only practical and functional, sliding doors are also an interior design element with huge possibilities. Sliding doors are especially suitable for a narrow room, as they move in front of each other horizontally. Tank's sliding doors can also be installed in rooms with a slanting ceiling. The 'smart door' solution used with sliding doors includes a silent closing system, which is also safe for children.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors are very efficient from the point of view of room usage, as they help open a large part of the cupboard solution at a time. Sliding doors are a clean, minimalist and modern interior element. If you want to enlarge your room visually, using glass or mirror on your sliding doors is a good idea, as this will let light flow in the room. Sliding doors can also be partitioned horizontally and/or vertically, depending on the type of the door.

A sliding door opens and closes by sliding horizontally on rails. We offer various types of sliding doors on wooden or aluminium frames. There are two distinct types of sliding doors with different movement:

  • A standard sliding door resting on a lower rail when moving - usually used with wardrobes.
  • A TOP sliding door, sliding on a top rail only (no fixing on the floor) - mostly used for partitioning space, but can also be used for a wardrobe.

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Min/max dimensions of sliding doors:

  • Min width: 450 mm

  • Max width: 1800 mm

  • Max height: 3000 mm

  • Max area: 4.5 m²

* Min/max dimensions may vary depending on door type

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