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Module wardrobes

playful / smart / reliable

Module wardrobe gives each customer the chance to build a personal and suitable wardrobe solution. The contents of each module have been designed by professionals, with consideration given to the layout and functionality of each detail. Module wardrobes can be made more striking by using combinations of different fittings, materials, colours and door types. When there is a need for a new wardrobe solution, but you don't feel sure about losing free room space, a well-planned, systematic layout may end up adding space to your room, not taking it away. We are constantly developing our module system so that you can have more space for living. The design of module wardrobes keeps access to the contents of the wardrobe comfortable and easy.

We use strong and resilient 22 mm furniture plates for all module solutions.

Take a closer look at the module wardrobes HERE.

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Width of the module system:

  • The width range of the framework for a module wardrobe: 900 mm - 6000 mm.

  • A fixed-width or a changing-width content solution can be installed in a module wardrobe.

  • For fixed content solutions, the width is 431 mm.

  • For changing content solutions, the width is 300 mm-1200 mm.

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