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Hinged doors

stylish / tall / timeless

A hinged door is a timeless and functional element of the interior. We can cover wardrobe or cupboard openings of up to 3500 mm in height with Tank's hinged doors. We have provided our hinged doors with the possibility to experiment with geometric design elements like squares and rectangles. For example, we can use hinged doors to design the whole facade of a wardrobe as a chessboard. A hinged door is perfect for covering narrow and tight openings. Tank's hinged doors close silently and can also be furnished with a 'push to open' system. This system means that the doors can be opened without the help of a door handle.

Read more about the choice of materials for hinged doors HERE.

Min/max dimensions for hinged doors:

  • Min width: 400 mm

  • Max width: 600 mm

  • Max height: 3500 mm


Walk-in Wardrobe
Living Room
Children's Room

Showrooms and shops