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Bi-fold doors

smart / expanding / unique

An be-fold door is a truly smart design product. Tank's be-fold door system differs from many others on the market because in addition to folding the fold, it also allows for sliding the whole door the length of the wardrobe (the folded folds can be slid the length of the whole door). By using an be-fold door, you will gain easy access to the whole contents of the wardrobe.

Read more about the choice of materials for be-fold doors HERE.

The maximum width of a wardrobe or wardrobe section to be covered with be-fold doors is 3200 mm and this will require 3 folds.

Min/max dimensions of be-fold doors:

  • Min width: 600 mm

  • Max width: 1060 mm

  • Max height: 2400 mm

Walk-in Wardrobe
Living Room
Children's Room

Showrooms and shops