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Lighting solutions and fittings

true size depends on inner values: more variation and more detail = more freedom

Tank's lighting solutions are integrated into the furniture solutions, making the lighting elements discreet and almost unnoticeable until they are needed. We use economic LED lamps for our lighting solutions. A pleasant light helps you when choosing clothes or tidying the wardrobe. The luminescence of Tank's lighting fixtures is adjustable - they can be used to create a cosy twilight atmosphere or a brightly lit, active one. There are various ways to position the lighting fixtures - they can be laid into furniture plates, put into drawers or integrated into the rails of sliding doors. Lighting can be controlled by a remote control or be fully automated with a motion sensor.

Tank's selection of furniture fittings includes a wide range of functional and smart details. A retractable trouser bar, tie rack, mirror and household shelf. A foldable ironing board and a clothes hanger bar that can be lowered - every solution is unique, just like its owner.

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