Furniture is more than just a functional solution to a specific problem. Furniture can also be an interior design element and a source of atmosphere. We want to help you with planning and making choices, as well as help you create solutions that will keep you happy for a long time.

Therefore, we will present a few ideas that could be useful to consider before you start planning sliding doors and wardrobes:

  • What is the function that the planned solution will fulfil?
  • Who will be using the solution?
  • What will go in the wardrobe?
  • How often will the items placed in the wardrobe be used? Which items are used more often and therefore should be easier to access?
  • What is the lighting of the room like and is there a need for additional lighting?
  • Should the wardrobe be minimalist and inconspicuous or a loud and stylish design element?
  • What aspects of the existing room design should the planned wardrobe fit in with (colours, patterns, materials)?
  • How can the room be accessed and how can the solution be transported into the room – doors, tricky corners, the storey, the stairwell?
  • Softer values should also be considered. For example, what is you personality like and what words would you use to characterise yourself and your home in the best sense – this is the message that your wardrobe solution could be saying as well. A few examples: emotional and passionate; clean and delicate; slightly crazy and playful; warm and peaceful, etc.


If you feel that you would like some help in making these decisions, Tank has experienced and professional consultants in our showrooms who are happy to help with their advice and experiences.

Ideal planning starts with exact measurements. We offer the service of measuring the site, in order to guarantee a perfect fit for your wardrobe solution.

Tank’s team offers you a full service, from consultation and measuring to transport, installation and future maintenance.

We use the 3D software ImosNet with Tank’s module solutions. ImosNet lets us provide a lifelike image of the planned solution in a matter of minutes. The software is linked to production software, enabling direct communication with the production machinery. Using the same software throughout the production chain guarantees high product quality and a solution that fits your room perfectly.


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